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In order for your telecom project to be successful, it will require expert planning, design, and engineering skills to achieve maximized functionality of your company’s network infrastructure. TEP can provide the experience and the engineering skills necessary to make your telecommunication needs a reality. Our engineering team has the experience, abilities, and technology that allow us to implement your project expertly and maintain it at an advanced level.

Every well-engineered and designed project starts with planning. TEP performs detailed feasibility studies on our projects to ensure that your funds and resources are being used efficiently and sustainably. Extensive planning is necessary to the process to ensure that your  project is executed to industry standards. These processes allow us to maintain implementation timelines and ensure the highest quality infrastructure.


Successful implementation of your telecom network infrastructure requires intimate knowledge and experience working with the complex systems in place around your site. Such engineering can be complicated – on one hand, your design need to be able to perform at the level that your company needs it to operate; on the other, integration with existing infrastructure needs to be seamless.

TEP has years of experience in nimbly engineering and executing telecom network systems within existing intricate geographical and utility infrastructures while ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. A licensed Professional Engineering firm in multiple states, TEP offers Outside Plant, Inside Plant and Small Cell engineering solutions custom tailored to meet the ever-increasing demand of infrastructure development.

Infrastructure Engineering Services:

  • ISP / OSP Design and Engineering
    • Network Infrastructure Engineering
      • Network Design and Installation
    • Make Ready Identification
      • Complete Pole loading analysis
        • Force Diagrams
        • Interactive Pole Analysis Software
          • SPIDA Software Suite, O-CalcPro
        • NESC, NEC, and RUS Regulation Compliance
        • Small Cell Node Design and Permitting
          • Existing Pole Analysis and Design
          • New Node Selection and Design
            • Foundation Designs
          • Permitting
            • Pole Attachment Agreements
            • Railroad
            • City, County, State and Federal
            • Environmental
            • Archaeological
          • Right-of-Way Acquisition
            • Public and Private


From start to finish, TEP oversees and manages all aspects of your telecom infrastructure project, utilizing our skills as engineers, construction managers, and project managers while leveraging state-of-the-art management technology and software. This enables our team and project managers to properly design, engineer, and execute your project – we are the team that will survey the site, the team that will envision the appropriate design and needs of the finished product, and the team that will oversee and execute the construction. In doing so, TEP can ensure that your project is well designed, expertly executed, and sticks as close to the timeline as possible.


Our engineering team is more than ready to get started on your company’s telecom project. Contact us today to get started for more information and estimates by calling 980-404-2752 or filling out our contact form.

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